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Training for staff in telework

Advantages for companies and local authorities


According to the Centre d’Analyse Stratégique (CAS), telework will literally explode in 2015.According to their studies, half of the employed population; especially management could be employed in telework by that date.

Centre de formation au télétravail du Pays de MuratApart from the financial advantages ( lower social security contributions, less energy costs, fewer absences due to illness, decreased risk in case of an epidemic…) telework is also beneficial for companies to an extent that they have noticed that their productivity has increased , staff are more motivated. Employees in telework are also happier and their work is carried out in a climate of mutual confidence.

According to article 10 of the inter-professional agreement of July 11th 2005 applied by the decree of May 30th 2006, “….teleworkers should receive appropriate training, with the relevant digital technologies available, and learn about the main points regarding the organisation of this kind of work. The work superiors and colleagues of the teleworkers should also be trained for this kind of work and its management.”

The Murat district telework training centre organises full training days several times a year.

For human resource managers, management or staff who want to exploit this kind of work, two telework training sessions are organised in Murat every year.

The training course costs 700 Euros per participant.


Training in telework for staff in businesses or local authorities Training in the management of teleworkers working in businesses or local authorities  
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Download the Murat district’s telework training centre leaflet (Pdf)



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